The Biggest Home in Each State That Will Stun You

Written by MPayne

Michael Payne, at this time, is the Senior Marketing Director for My Local Home Appraiser, a startup which is a national broker of the connection between home appraisers and those seeking to procure a home appraisal from a licenced or certified residential home appraiser. In effect, Michael is the Chief Operations Manager, Website Developer, SEO, SEM and Content Manager as he personally leads the efforts in creating, handling, facilitating and supervising all website build components, logos, videos, imagery and all graphics and any associated applications and social platforms. Michael also is Marketing Director for Bernhardt SwissTrust which entails handling nearly all marketing efforts, inbound and outbound including the website design, maintenance and management of Bernhardt SwissTrust and Bernhardt SwissTrust Appraisal. Often Bernhardt SwissTrust Real Estate will be scheduled in for things mostly related to graphics, logo design, etc. He is engaged to a beautiful woman, plans to marry Stephanie in September of this year.. well that may adjust a bit depending on the current state of the world.

February 19, 2021

Check in on your neighbors and see who’s really got the biggest home in the state. What’s inside some of the homes might surprise you.

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