Ten or More Easy Things to Increase Your Home Value

You might think that a home appraisal is just about indoor square footage and the size of your lot. You might also think that plumbing and heating/air conditioning factor in. And they do. But the easiest thing you can do to up your appraisal value, and ultimately the listing price of your home, is to give serious thought to its curb appeal.

Think about it this way: you drive around a neighborhood and the first thing that gets your attention is a great looking house. You will probably just cruise by the others because they don’t register with you. Wouldn’t you rather have the house that people stop and stare at? And when it is time to sell, the one that shows the best online should be yours. Buyers should be clamoring to make an appointment to come in and see!

Here is a list of some easy things for you to take care of. (It looks long, but it is really easy!)

  1. Make sure that your lawn looks good. If you have a gardener, have a talk about how you can spruce things up. If you do not currently have a gardener, think about hiring one on for a short term until things look as good as they can. If you think you have a green thumb, this is also something you can take of yourself. Go to your local garden center for advice and whatever products you may need. If you have the room, think about adding some flowering plants. Geraniums tend to be hardy and do not require a lot of care. The color alone will grab attention.
  2. Maybe you can add some plants to the porch or outside your front door. Do you have space for a window box or two?
  3. Clean your porch light! You’d be surprised how many homeowners don’t notice those lights. The same for any light fixtures you may on your garage or near the curb. They don’t have to be new, but they should be shiny clean.
  4. Does your front door need a paint job? If it does, do it! The same goes for any outdoor window shutters.
  5. Before you paint the front door, how does the lockset look? A new one is an inexpensive way to really make that door “pop”.
  6. Buy a new “welcome” mat. An old tired one doesn’t say “welcome” at all.
  7. Are the numbers on your house visible and attractive?
  8. Wash the windows! Not many people enjoy this task, but the rewards will be obvious instantly. If you see that some of your windows need replacing, find a reputable local company to give you an estimate. If you can afford it, please get it taken care of. More buyers than you can imagine notice new windows and are impressed by them.
  9. Do you have a free-standing mailbox? There are many choices for replacing an old one with something sharp and stylish. Just make sure it matches the style of your house. You might want to add some flowers around the base of it.
  10. How do your gutters look? Sagging ones won’t work at all. Your house will look sad. Have someone out to take care of it. If you try it yourself, you might wind up with a painful fall. You’d be surprised how many people wind up in emergency rooms after falling off a ladder trying to do just this.
  11. It is expensive to replace a roof, and if yours is in good condition make sure it’s clean. People really do notice roofs as they drive by.
  12. Clean any brickwork on your house. Making things look newer and livable is the ticket here. You may want to power wash your house. You can hire a company to do it or rent the equipment yourself for a modest price.
  13. Do whatever you have to do to make your yard look like a warm extension of your house. Pay attention to rusty outdoor furniture and plants that have not bloomed in three years. It’s better to have nothing out there than items that look depressing. You want people to see the possibilities of a great yard like yours!

When you are all finished, stand outside, and enjoy some of that house-proud feeling. You’ve earned it!