Home Appraisal Checklist for Chicago

If you’ve decided to sell your house or to refinance your mortgage, you’ll need to get your property appraised by a home appraiser. We understand, getting a home appraisal can be stressful – because the value your home will be appraised at is one of the key factors in deciding how much money you can get for it.

But believe it or not – it’s not always a nerve-wracking experience. If you have the right tools and tricks, the appraisal can be smooth sailing. And before you know it, you’ll be making a giant leap towards the home of your dreams. But with that being said – what do you need to look out for? Read on to find tips that help you maximize home value.

Time Matters: Get It Done Early

Getting a home appraisal done early can be immensely helpful. You can use the information you get from the appraisal to better plan the process of your home’s sale. For example: if an appraiser finds a problem in your house, you can address that problem right away so that you’re not rushing to solve it at the last minute.

When you get your home appraisal done early, you can make informed decisions that help you maximize home value.

Make Sure Your Home Is Clean

Although the home appraiser does not evaluate a home’s value on the cleanliness factor – but you must dress to impress. When you have a clean and organized home, it gives the appraiser the idea that you take care of your home, and it may make them a little less picky. Another prominent reason why you should clean your home is because cleaning will help you find problems even before the appraiser does.

You can then get that problem fixed before it affects home value.

Maximize Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Another critical factor that you have to remember before a home appraisal is that the appraiser will also evaluate how your house looks from the outside. If your home looks like the nicest one on the block – you can expect things to go your way. Landscaping is a critical factor in your home’s value; make sure you keep your yard neat and up to date.

If there are some dead plants, trim them. This will make sure your home stands out.

Make Sure All the Appliances Work

Do you have a refrigerator that isn’t too good at cooling stuff? Or a dishwasher that doesn’t work unless you kick it? Believe it or not – but faulty appliances can be a huge disadvantage when you’re getting your home appraised. Make sure you check and fix all of your home’s appliances before a home appraisal.

If You are Still Not Satisfied, Reach Out

Even after you’ve given everything a second look before your home’s appraisal, there are still some tiny factors that you’re bound to miss. If you’re not prepared for an appraiser’s visit, they could look at your property unfavorably. But if you have a helping hand, you can be sure that your home will get the best appraisal it possibly can. Your Local Home Appraisers can help you prepare for property evaluation, make sure you reach out!

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