Dallas office owners go big on art to draw eyes to their projects

Written by MLHA Team

April 16, 2021

Office buildings haven’t gotten a lot of attention lately.

Most employers have kept their office workers at home over the last year, and companies weren’t looking to rent a lot of office space during the pandemic.

But a couple of new Dallas office projects are getting fresh looks thanks to eye-popping artwork.

Crescent Real Estate’s new Luminary office building on Houston Street, in downtown Dallas’ West End, is hard to ignore with its colorful mural on the north side. The decorative painting by Texas artists Bradford “Bradlio” Maxfield and Christin “Saekart” Atkinson is 160 feet long by 50 feet tall and is in full view of Stemmons and Woodall Rodgers freeways.

Called “The Power of Love,” the floral painting gets more looks per day than anything hanging in the Dallas Museum of Art.

“More than 400,000 cars a day see that face of the building,” said John Zogg, managing director with building owner Crescent Real Estate. “We had an enormous canvas we could use that was very visible.

“We thought long and hard about what would be interesting,” Zogg said. “We centered back to a message of love and unity, which we felt was needed today.”

Zogg said Crescent Real Estate’s partner on the Luminary project, Long Wharf Capital, had previously added murals to buildings in Austin and other markets.

So far the feedback has been good. “We’ve had a lot of phone calls and people say they like it,” Zogg said. “We have social media of people taking pictures of it.

“It shows what a great billboard our building is, because it’s so visible from so many directions,” he said. “We are proud of the way we identified the building.”

After months of little office leasing activity, Zogg said prospective tenants are popping up this year. “There’s pent-up demand that’s starting to happen,” he said. “I have never in my career worked on as many relocations as I am right now.”

On the opposite end of downtown, another mural is drawing attention to a new office building.

Called The Stack, the office and retail high-rise on Commerce Street in Deep Ellum opens in May.

California artist Tristan Eaton adorned the new building with the 8,500-square-foot mural.

“Creating it has been a big production,” said Ben Brewer, managing director for building developer Hines. “The artist had like 10 people come in from L.A.

“The whole thing is done by spray paint,” Brewer said. “We are so pleased with the thoughtfulness that went into it.”

The folks at Hines are also hoping the massive artwork will help their project stand out to potential tenants.

“Things really started to pick up in early- to mid-February,” Brewer said. “People are starting to come out and explore what their office is going to look and feel like.

“We are talking to a few companies that want to grow into our building.”

The mural at The Stack was organized by Goldman Global Arts, a Miami and New York-based design and art consultant known for its large public artworks. It is best known for the dramatic murals in Miami’s Wynwood district.

Goldman Global Arts also worked with Dallas real estate company Westdale on the huge murals on the front of the Case Building apartment tower on Main Street in Deep Ellum.

“They have curated urban street art from around the world,” Westdale CEO Joe Beard said. “We felt that the introduction of national and international artists into Deep Ellum would compliment our local artists and elevate the public display of all.

“We have commissioned a number of projects around Deep Ellum and were just finishing them up when COVID hit last year,” Beard said. “There are a number that are finished and more on the way.”

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